CADAberdeen 3D Modelling

A Junk Mill Modelled and Rendered in Solidworks

We can design any part to your specification. The Models can be used for interference checks or for visual demonstrations of conceptual ideas. These can, of course, be fully detailed into manufacturing drawings as required.

Typically we produce models in Solidworks or Inventor. These models can be a one off part or a complex assembly with full detailing and Bills of Materials.

Parts can be rendered to produce photorealistic images suitable for brochures and websites etc.

Designs and Calculation packages for containers and shipping frames can be provided to suit DNV 2.7-1 or DNV 2.7-3.

The Benefits of having drawings produced in 3D are:
  • Visualisation for field staff, customers and non technical staff is much easier with a model that can be manipulated to view from any angle.
  • FEA can be conducted on the IGES models making it easier to identify stress raisers and confirm calculations.
  • Components can be exploded allowing detailed technical documentation to be made for assembly procedures, test procedures etc.
  • Manufacturing can be easier due to visualisation of complex parts. Parts can also be programmed from IGES 3D models with the relevant CAD/CAM software.